Bikepath Side Mission
What does the great Finnish artists of the past have in common with an artist of today? Our long time friend Arto Saari visited us while setting up his photo exhibition in Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväs...
Helene Grey á la Schjerfbeck
The colour ‘Helene’ of Pelago draws inspiration from, and is named after, the paintings of Helene Schjerfbeck. The ever-green—or ever-grey—tones of this Finnish painter are currently o...
Cycling is a journey that grow with us
Every journey is inevitably two journeys — one in thought, one in actuality.
Revisiting Berlin Brunnenstraße
Revisiting Pelago Temporary Bike Store in Berlin Brunnenstraße
Love Letter to Hub Dynamo Lights
Josh Meissner writes about wonders of self-powered bicycle lights. Humor me for a second and imagine a car for getting around without headlights to see and be seen. If that seems ridiculous, then you ...
Riding, Fast and Slow
We think Daniel Kahneman’s book titled ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ fits like a glove to our cycling ethos. Fast and slow — of course! Read on to learn about our bicycles and equipment fo...
STAVANGER: One bike for everything
We took our time hiking on unrideable paths that took us along incredible scenery. We would have blown straight past it otherwise. All it took to appreciate this slower mode was a shift in our outlook...
3 Features You Should Know About Pelago Stavanger
While we’re not as loud as others when it comes to promoting our products, riders out there have been spreading the good word about our Stavanger.  Marcus Nicolson tested his Stavanger on some ...
Meet the Pelago Bags
Pelago Bags greatly increase the usability of any racks or baskets. And once no rack on a bike — choose the Barbag instead.
Element + Pelago collaboration collection
29.6.2023 Introducing a capsule collection that celebrates the freedom and commonalities of riding bikes and skateboards For Summer 2023, Element skateboards and Pelago Bicycles have come together to ...
Tax-free bike benefit in Finland
Company bike is a tax-free personal benefit up to 1200€ annually. Read here how to get a Pelago as an employer-provided company bike.
Pelago 2023 : Best Pelago Bikes for City Riding and Touring
A good bike is for everyone, not just for some hardcore cyclists. See our collection of good bikes, from classic city bikes to true bikepacking rigs.
How to choose the perfect bike rack? 
We made a throrough rack guide to help to find the perfect rack for you.
Prices are rising. Time to get your bike now.
We are soon updating our prices in response to the increase in material and logistical costs.
Recall for black Pelago Outback handlebar
We are announcing a recall of black Pelago Outback handlebars. 
First ride with Stavanger
Through the Scottish gravel and mud. Our ambassador Marcus Nicolson has been testing out the new Stavanger this summer.
Pelago at Design Market
Helsinki Design Week’s popular stock sale event is back at the Cable Factory and online.
Pelago Thórsmörk – The Jack of All Trails
Meet our new adventure-ready hardtail trail bike.
Pelago Ambassadors: Kaisa & Christoffer Leka
Let’s ride along and catch up with our longtime friends and riders, Kaisa and Christoffer Leka.
Tax-free bike benefit in Finland
Since the beginning of 2021 bike benefit has been available in Finland. Read here how to get a Pelago as an employer-provided company bike.
Fresh new city bike models – Åbo and Borgå
New bike arrivals! Get to know our Pelago Åbo and Borgå, the stylish city rides.
A few things about winter cycling
Lue kirjoitus suomeksi täällä When winter comes and it starts to snow, especially here in Northern Europe, the bicycle often stays indoors waiting for the sunny spring. Winter cycling can however b...
Build-A-Pelago Results
The results for the Build-A-Pelago competition are in and it’s time to announce the winners. Read the whole thing now!
Ambassador interview: Mikko Huupponen
Mikko Huupponen is an interesting guy: dad of 2, film director, bike fanatic and overall fun-to-be-around dude. Read his interview now!
Delays on Pelago bikes, industry in general
It’s about time we also address the delays that have been plaguing us through the year. Read more!
Shooting film and cycling with Niels Thanild
Niels Thanild is simply amazing human from Copenhagen with passion for bikes and photography. Read what Niels has to say about shooting film!
The Build-A-Pelago-builds (and stories behind them)
Build-A-Pelago is finally over and the builds are here! Read the stories behind these amazing bikes and vote your favourite now!
Pelago Ambassador / Marcus Nicolson
Originally from the Shetland Islands, Pelago Ambassador Marcus Nicolson has a burning passion for cycling - and skateboarding. Read his great interview now!
Pelago Ambassador – Alex Buck
Copenhagen's Alex Buck sits down for an Pelago Ambassador interview. Read and get inspired!
Pelago Merino Apparel Collection 2021
New merino collection to celebrate the spring!
Build-A-Pelago frame builder interview – Eetu Pajala
Next in line in our Build-A-Pelago introductions is Eetu Pajala from Helsinki. Have a read!
Pelago Tiny Top Five With Laura Kolari & Christer Ådahl
Laura & Christer across the Europe by bike. Read the article now!
Pelago Ambassador – Martin Paldan
Many of our followers have seen photos of Martin, but let us introduce you the fellow behind these pictures. Dear friends, Pelago ambassador, Martin Paldan.
Build-A-Pelago frame builder interview – Antti Grundstén
Antti Grundstén is the first Build-A-Pelago competitor that we got to interview.
New Pelago Rack arrivals – Aluminum Front Rack & Pelago Lowrider Pannier Support
New rack arrivals - Aluminium Front Rack & Pelago Lowrider Pannier Support. Read the article now!
Play it smart, ride with lights
During the dark season, having lights on your bike is mandatory in Finland. And smart, too. Read the full article about lights now!
Build-A-Pelago / Kutsukilpailu rungonrakentajille
Build-A-Pelago on kutsukilpailu intohimoisille rungonrakentajille. Kilpailuaikaa Juhannukseen 2021 asti - tutustu kilpailuun tästä!
Formal Friday X Pelago Bicycles Micro Collab
Pelago Bicycles and merino wool specialist Formal Friday release two multi-functional products for all movement urban and outdoors. Keep moving!
Get free lights with a bike purchase until the end of November 2020!
19.10.2020 As the evenings are darkening earlier and bike lights became mandatory in Finland, we decided to take care of our customers’ visibility by offering free front and rear lights with a B...
XL means all riders are welcome!
It’s about time to introduce the newest members of our team as well as a bunch of riders from the extended Pelago family, who we have been collaborating with already for a longer time. First of the ...
Become a Pelago Ambassador
During the years we have been working with many passionate riders, close friends and creative talents. Our ambassadors have toured around the world, attended cycling events or shared moments of their ...
Seattle – Mt.Hood
Over the Paradise, across the National Parks. in tux.
Recall for Pelago Outback Handlebar
Dear Pelago friends and riders,  We are announcing a recall of a number of polished Pelago Outback handlebars after receiving reports of a handful of handlebars broken causing minor accidents. A ...
What can you expect when two Nordic cycling companies get together — one with a mission to protect your ass from mud and another equipping all their bikes with mudguards? You got it right. Mudflaps....
#offyourbacktoaPELAGOrack winners
A month ago we asked you to post your best shots featuring Pelago Racks to our Instagram photo contest under the hashtag #offyourbacktoaPELAGOrack. We loved seeing our racks around the world, serving ...
Pelago x Restrap
The Yorkshire based Restrap is well known among those who value innovative, lightweight bike packing equipment. They have been hand-sewing their products in Yorkshire since 2009, and offer a lifetime ...
Renovation sales begins at the Pelago Store
Next week we are rolling up our sleeves and begin to prepare the Pelago Store for a renovation with a clearance sales and shortened opening hours. The whole store building will go through a complete f...
Pelago x Kasperi
Where Pelago was founded to cherish cycling as a genuine mode of transport, a Finnish bag brand Kasperi wants to make the world better one bag at a time. Their aim is to supply people with products th...
Off your back to a Pelago Rack
Win a full set of Pelago x Restrap including Pelago Commuter Rack and Restrap Rando Bag by getting #offyourbacktoaPELAGOrack. Post your best photo on Instagram featuring a Pelago Rack and use the hash...
How to (and how not to) lock your bike
If you’ve ever had your bike stolen, then you know the frustration of having to live without a bike while dealing with the insurance. Luckily some simple precautions and a properly used quality lock...
Surfing the purpose with Yorgo and Steel Cycles
Ever struggled with getting your surfboard on board your daily commute? As an solution to just that, we’ve created the Pedal and Paddle concept in collaboration with Steel Cycles and French desi...
Team Pelago at Tartu Rattaralli
On Sunday May 26th, almost 4000 riders gathered to Tartu Rattaralli, the biggest bicycle race in Estonia. Also our dear friends from Jooks Rattastudio took part with the full range of Pelago bikes fro...
Pelago Pyöränvaihtoviikko / Bike Swap Week 12.–20.6.2019
Onko vanha pyöräsi tullut tiensä päähän, tai onko muuten vain aika päivittää sopivampaan? Pelagon Pyöränvaihtoviikoilla hyvitämme uuden Pelagon ostajille vaihdossa tuodusta pyörästä 75...
Nordic Gravel Series
Fancy riding your bike through some winding gravel roads and breathtaking Finnish landscapes at your own pace or as fast as you legs can handle? If the answer is yes, then keep on reading. This year P...
Hack Bikes 2019 – Ride at your own risk
What could go wrong if you supply nine Finnish frame builders with Pelago Brooklyn frames and let them go wild? The Käppäpyörät 2019 (Finnish for hack bikes 2019) bike building contest took place ...
Spring ride – Pelago Stavanger on the road
With nice sunny weather predicted for the whole weekend it was time to hop on the bike and visit my parents in Hamina. I took the bus from Helsinki to Loviisa and then rode some nice gravel and p...
Pelago Anniversary Stainless Steel Concept
Following the Pelago design philosophy of durable, functional and beautiful products, we’re introducing a concept stainless steel bicycle frame to cherish our 10 year journey building bikes. Thi...
Pelago x VIMMA
Unforgettable stories, people and a lot of experience are embodied in VIMMA, a finnish company for edgy kids’ wear. With their products the celebration and day-to-day life go hand in hand. Kids ...
6 Things to check on your bike before summer
Click here for the same article in Finnish Whether you’ve been riding through the winter months or are just about to wake your bike up from it’s hibernation, now is a great time to give it a quick...
Pelago x Pure Waste
We’ve heard stories of companies burning their out of date overstock, wasting natural resources, fibres, energy, water. Clothes are cheap and treated like disposables. Fast moving fashion business i...
When It Rains In Japan…
In September 2016 Carlos, Philipp, Sami and Emmanuel went exploring rural Japan on Sibbos – hitting 11 mandatory checkpoints between Tokyo and Osaka in 14 days...
The Japanese Odyssey
An epic endurance bicycle journey is to take place the upcoming week in Japan, and this one is proper tough.
Silja Goes Cycling – Part 6
The 6th part of Silja's first bicycle adventures across Europe.
Freeway Your Mind
Carhartt WIP x Pelago Bicycles x Mission Workshop – FREEWAY YOUR MIND
Cycling and skateboarding – going hybrid around the Finnish archipelago.
Silja Goes Cycling – Part 4
The most challenging day in Silja's Life.
The Lekas’ Pointless Suffering Tour
Our beloved couple with a diy-vegan-yoga-punch is riding bikes again, this time across the USA, 4000km from NY to SF.
Silja Goes Cycling – First Days
Part 3 of Silja's first Journey across Europe. Here's her experience of the first days of riding in rain.
Silja Goes Cycling – The Departure
You know what they say about packing your bags and preparing for the trip: start it early enough and do it with patience and precision. Me, I did neither.
Silja Goes Cycling – The Beginning
We are welcoming a new member to our travelling collective – Silja Minkkinen. She's about to go on her most challenging trip to date and make a documentary of it.
#servemypurpose – Pauline & Airisto
Watch our second video instalment of the #servemypurpose series. This time we meet with a Berliner entrepreneur Pauline Hoch and her Pelago Airisto.
Pelago Japan Pop-Up Store
Stepping into a new continent with a pop-up store and distribution.
Commuter Front Rack
We're very stoked on these racks and believe they are revolutionary.