New Pelago Rack arrivals – Aluminum Front Rack & Pelago Lowrider Pannier Support

The Pelago Lowrider accessory for the front rack and the aluminum Commuter Front Rack are new products in the Pelago rack lineup.

The bicycle is a versatile vehicle and, especially in an urban environment, cycling is a fast and efficient way to move and move goods from one place to another. Many of us actively cycle every day, carrying goods or even the smallest in the family, but how often do we stop to think about the best possible carrying solutions for our bike and ourselves? What choices should be made when it comes to transporting more than just the cyclist him/herself? How can we reach the bikes full potential?

Answer: With high-quality, carefully designed accessories, such as front racks, for example. In this article, we present the new rack releases for Pelago Spring 2021, the aluminum Pelago Commuter Front Rack and the front rack accessory, the Lowrider Pannier Support extension legs.

Aluminum Pelago Commuter Front Rack – Lightweight and smart

Sometimes grams will decide. Pelago’s new aluminum rack is light and versatile.

The versatile bicycle undoubtedly includes racks for transporting goods. The front and rear racks found in Pelago accessories are popular and versatile for any bike. We are today launching an aluminum version of the popular Pelago Commuter Front Rack. In addition to the new material, the size range of the rack is expanding: a small and handy S-size version of the new aluminum rack is also available.

A good cycling experience includes the possibility to customise the bike to suit each person’s own needs. Pelago wants to be versatile not only in terms of bike models, but also in terms of accessories such as front racks and that is why we are constantly developing our range to meet the needs of cyclists.

For big loads. The L-size Commuter aluminum rack is spacious despite its light weight.

The aluminum Pelago Commuter Front Rack is a classic porteur-style luggage rack that is perfect for everyday use. The goods transported on the front rack are constantly under the driver’s eyes, and the wide attachment level makes it easy to carry even larger loads. The Pelago’s front rack conveniently carries a U-lock, hobby equipment, camping equipment or a stack of pizza boxes.

“I like how it looks and feels”

“Light is comfortable,” says Wilson Mäkelä from Helsinki.

Pelago’s Team Member, Wilson Mäkelä from Helsinki, was among the first to test Pelago’s new racks. The S-size aluminum rack impressed Wilson, who works at the local indoor skatepark and therefore transports the skateboard continuously on his bike.

“I carry my backpack or skateboard on my bike every day – often both and I like Pelago’s front racks. The slim and small model sits comfortably on the bike, it seems to blend into it and give the bike a bit of a sporty feel. The S-size is perhaps the most suitable for my use, as it’s not bringing extra weight on my bike and I am still able to carry all the stuff I need to. “

The tools run conveniently on the front stand.

The wide range of sizes offers additional options for bike equipment

The new aluminum front rack is more versatile in size than the original Pelago Commuter stainless steel front rack: the aluminum front rack is available in S, M and L sizes, while the original range only includes M and L sizes. The color palette remains the same in the new rack, although the black rack is matt black in aluminum and glossy in steel. In addition to black, another color is polished.

Polished front rack fits nicely to most of the bikes.

The horizontal rails of the legs of the Commuter rack are specially designed for attaching side bags. The attached side bags are located below the upper level of the rack so that the entire transport capacity of the rack is also available when cycling with the bags. Where the aluminum front rack is lightweight, the steel rack can carry a little more stuff. The weight limit for the aluminum Commuter front rack is 10kg while for steel it is 15kg.

Versatile adjustments and mounting options make the rack easy to install on most wheels with a tire size between 26 ”and 28”. All Pelago Commuter front slots also come with a lamp holder, so using the rack does not prevent the use of light.

Beauty, durability, usability. The Commuter front racks combine Pelago’s theses.

Pelago Lowrider Pannier Support – Weight low, mood high

“Lowrider brings driving safety when the load’s focus is lower,” says Kukka Suvioja.

An add-on has long been expected from Pelago to make the popular Pelago Commuter Front Racks more tour-friendly. Pelago Lowrider Pannier Support is the answer to this.

The legs attached to the platform of the Pelago Commuter Front Rack offer the possibility to install the bike bags even lower. The lower the center of gravity of the bike, the more stable and secure the ride. Especially on long bike rides, there is usually a lot of stuff, and then it is essential for both riding comfort and safety that the bike can be fully packed without compromising riding stability.

“In slippery weather, it’s nice when the bike is stable.” Pelago Lowrider is a simple but functional solution for the needs of a touring cyclist.

The Pelago Lowrider Pannier Support rack is really just an extra leg for the Commuter front rack, as the product is sold without a platform. The load capacity of the Lowrider attachment is the same as the legs of the Commuter front rack – no matter which leg is attached to the Commuter platform, the maximum load capacity of the rack is 15kg.

Already having a stainless steel rack? Register it now, extend the warranty to 30 years

By registering your Pelago Commuter Front Rack (Stainless Steel) you can extend the warranty time from 5 years to 30 years. Read more about the registration and register your products here.

To the city or for an excursion. The Lowrider brings versatility to cycling.

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