About Pelago


Pelago was founded to cherish cycling as a genuine mode of transport. We ride to deliver a breeze of fresh air to the urban gridlock, bringing joy and freedom to the daily journey. A good bicycle is the freedom to change place, a workout on the way to a meeting, a charge of energy on an early morning ride, a good reason to meet with friends. The object becomes a transparent vehicle for one’s self-expression, a beautiful tool to use.


Durability, functionality, beauty. Our range meets at the crossroads of Art and Design, Outdoors, Street culture and Uncompromised cycling. These four roads are the cornerstones of our dna.

We’ve been learning by riding, by doing it ourselves with the help of friends. We intend to keep the wheels true and follow the vision to create the most versatile, reliable and beautiful products – the perfect transport for the urban lifestyle.


The name of the brand comes from archipelago, the part of the most beautiful nature. Sea unites us to the outer world, too. The bikes are designed to make the most out of the daily journey and to serve multiple purposes. Commuting, enjoying the great outdoors, taking a detour for slow travel or challenging yourself on the road – our range of bikes covers various needs. We are convinced that cycling is more comfortable, fluent and efficient with a well-functioning easy-rolling machine.

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