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Pelago Brooklyn at Hotel Kämp

Bikes for companies, hotels, travel organisers

Pelago manufactures well-designed, durable, and practical bicycles for commuting, getting around the city and leisure cycling. Our bikes are practical for active use by companies. For their durability and easy of maintenance, our bikes are used in many hotels.

Get in touch if you are considering updating your fleet or looking for multiple bikes. From our selection, you’ll find well designed bicycles suitable for everyone. The bicycles you can rent out or lend to your customers. The purchase can be made as a one-time payment or in instalments. We’re happy to make you a quotation.

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Rental and loan bikes highly popular in hotels
According to our customer feedback, the bikes we supply to hotels are in very active use. We also see this from the condition of the bikes we service.

Why hotel bikes are popular
Public transportation is not accessible to all tourists. They don’t know which bus goes where, which app to download and so forth. Taxis become expensive for visiting multiple destinations, and electric scooters may feel unfamiliar to many. A bicycle is a familiar and convenient way for everyone to get around. At the same time, it enables a tangible urban and travel experience. With a bike, you get to see more places than you would by walking.