Riding, Fast and Slow

We think Daniel Kahneman’s book titled ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ fits like a glove to our cycling ethos. Fast and slow — of course!

Read on to learn about our bicycles and equipment for 2024.

Pelago Hanko


Pelago Stavanger


Kahneman’s fast thinking is responsive, intuitive, and emotional. In cycling, a close comparison could be the rush to work or to a meeting. Without thinking, you hop on the bike and dash off. We opt for cycling because it’s quick, convenient, and easy. At a fast pace, like in a race, you make decisions by instinct and experience.

Fast thinking may be spontaneous, effortless, but fast riding is actually quite the opposite. You have to work at it. And the faster and further you take it, the more you have to work at it.


Instead of speed or distance, let’s talk about effort. You don’t need us to tell you that sweat is good for you. Sweat makes the world go around. It’s one of those treasures that money can’t buy. You have to work for it to earn it. Cycling offers this by nature; commuting, trekking, touring, exploring. The benefits of exercise are profound.

Slow thinking is deliberate and analytical. It requires effort; it’s the all-important second thought. Riding slow, traveling slow, living slow, breathing slow. Thinking slow. Enter at mindful state, take an objective view of the squirrel wheel (the Finnish equivalent for rat race) .

Riding slow takes less effort, but it also offers time for slow thinking, opening your day to experiences. Slow can be voluntary and intentional, but it can also be the result of exhaustion. Slow and fast, focus and recovery, the yin and yang we all need.


The Pelago Range

To cycle in the world — or to work — fast and slow, Pelago creates the tools for this purpose.

To support your cycling needs in 2024, we introduce our various bicycle models.
To ride faster and further, see our all-road gravel rig, Stavanger.
To keep pace in the city but also to strive for slow travel, see the versatile Hanko and Airisto models.
For keeping your head up and riding around the city, see the timeless Pelago Brooklyn, Bristol, Capri, Åbo, and Borgå.

Pelago Stavanger is developed for gravel, bikepacking and commuting. Read about three features you should know about the bike, see how it performs in practice and go product page to configure your complete.

Stavanger frames offer lot of space for imagination. Spec the ride you like. The frames come in 8 different sizes and three different colors.

Pelago Hanko is a functional bicycle for riding in the city, commuting and trekking. The Outback versions now feature hub dynamo lights for added usability. The new colours for 2024 are pictured here, Charcoal and Walnut.

Pelago Airisto Commuting and trekking. Pavement and gravel. Improved with powerful hub dynamo lights for 2024. Airisto is for anyone who cares about having a great bike. See about the new colours, Agate grey and Pearl Rosa.

Distinction and style. Pearl Rosa Airisto Commuter.

Pelago Silvo boasts some unique features such as bullmoose handlebar, double kickstand and large front rack.

From left to right Pelago Brooklyn, Åbo, Bristol and Pelago Capri, below, offer relaxed riding comfort in the city. Built with good parts. Rust protected, puncture protected.

See also Pelago Borgå, similar to Bristol with metal navy colour.

There are also plenty of accessories to customize your bicycle. Most of these products are applicable to any bike out there.

Wishing you all great moments wherever the two wheels may take you!