What can you expect when two Nordic cycling companies get together — one with a mission to protect your ass from mud and another equipping all their bikes with mudguards?

You got it right. Mudflaps. 

For the autumn season we are introducing new products in co-operation with our friends from Gothenburg, Ass Savers. For those days when the fenders are not enough we’ll bring you the new Toetector and Brotector.

Toetector works as an extension for your front fender. Even the full length fenders leave some room for the spray from the wheels. As the name suggests, Toetector will keep your feet dry and moral high when pedalling through wet grounds. Protects not only your feet, but the bottom bracket and the drive train stay cleaner as well. For rainy group rides we bring you the Brotector. It will save your follower’s face from the ever annoying road spray.

Both mud flaps are completely recyclable and made in Sweden. Light as feather, the products are also peloton friendly. Mud flaps are easy to mount. Drill two holes and attach the mud flaps with screws or a zip tie.

After finishing the ride with dry toes and mud-free face you can raise a toast and shout “SKÅPPIS!” — a phrase fused from Swedish and Finnish words “skål!” and “kippis!” that both stand for “cheers!”. 

Get your fender extenders here.