Pelago Merino Apparel Collection 2021

Pelago Bicycles lanseeraa uuden merinovillamalliston vuodelle 2021.

What better way to celebrate spring than with the release of a new merino wool collection? Pelago Bicycles is releasing a new merino wool clothing and headwear collection just right for the spring and the start of the cycling season.

Pelago’s new merino wool collection celebrates not only cycling, but also an active lifestyle that encourages outdoor activities. During the pandemic, outdoor exercise is more recommended and topical than ever and good equipment allows you to do whatever you want. The Pelago merino wool collection has been developed to serve all kinds of outdoor activities. The collection includes two different beanies in four colors, a merino wool collar in three colors, a scarf and merino wool sweaters for both women and men, in two color models each.

Pelago Merinovillapaidat miehille ja naisille nyt saatavissa.

Merino wool Pelago beanies

There are two models of Pelago’s popular merino wool beanies: the light and thin Pelago Merino Light Beanie, which fits comfortably under a cycling helmet, and the thicker knitted sailor-style beanie, Pelago Traditional Merino Beanie. Both beanies come in one size and fit comfortably at most heads. Finely structured and very comfortable merino wool on the skin does not itch from even heavy sweating. As a material, merino wool is not only natural, but also very versatile. Undoubtedly the best features of merino wool are its good breathability, excellent thermal insulation and non-loose structure. The merino wool beanie is a year-round headwear that keeps the frost out during the cold weather and breathes comfortably in warmer conditions. The design of the beanies is minimalist and only a small Pelago fabric brand can be found on the fold.

Violetti Pelago Merinovillapaita naisille on erinomainen valinta ulkoiluun.

Merinosweater – versatility, style and functionality

Pelago merino wool sweatshirts are clothes that seamlessly combine a cycling-first attitude, an understanding of the needs of a versatile outdoor traveler, and timeless design. Pelago merino wool shirts fit well, retain their shape and, best of all, are resistant to both wear and tear. The Pelago Merino Sweater comes with two fits, Pelago Merino Sweater Women and Pelago Merino Sweater Men.

Pelago merinovillapaidasta löytyy näppärä takatasku.

Cycling has been a priority factor guiding shirt design. The sleeves of the merino wool shirt turn long if necessary, thus avoiding leaving the wrists bare while cycling. The backside of the hem descends down the front, providing protection and warmth for lower back. The men’s shirt also has a handy buttoned back pocket for small accessories such as a phone, wallet or keychain.

Pelagon merinovillatuotteet kestävät aikaa ja kovaa käyttöä.

Thanks to the high-quality material of the merino wool shirt, the fit of the shirt remains unchanged. Like all wool products, merino products like ventilation instead of machine washing. Merino wool products can be washed gently at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.

Pelago Neckwarmer on tuubimallinen villahuivi monipuoliseen ulkoiluun.

Versatile and comfortable neckwarmer

Merino wool bends not only into headwear and clothing, but also into warming accessories such as collars and scarves. The Pelago Merino Neckwarmer is a tube scarf-style collar woven from a tight merino wool knit that sits comfortably under the jacket.

Pelago Merino Neckwarmer offers warmth and good breathability not only for the neck, but also for the cheekbones and nose. The collar stays on the cheekbones thanks to its tight knit. The novelty colors of the Pelago merino collar are mauve and green. The product is completely unisex and is suitable not only for adults but also for smaller members of the family.

Pelago Merinovillapaita naisille on tyylikäs ja ajaton vaate vaativaan käyttöön.

All Pelago merino wool products are 100% merino wool and mulesing-free, in addition to which each of our merino wool products is manufactured in Europe. The man in the pictures of the article is 180cm tall and the size of the shirt is L. The woman is 175cm and the shirt is size M.

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