Revisiting Berlin Brunnenstraße

Looking at the remains of an April blizzard in Helsinki it feels like a timely flashback to Berlin a few years back. As we are launching our website in German, it’s a good chance to revisit Brunnenstraße where we set up a Temporary store in 2013.

We had decided to cycle down to Berlin. First, a ferry to Rostock and then headed towards south. It was late February, and although there were still bits of snow along the way, the spring was well on its way. (Scroll down to the very bottom to see the film).

But as usual, spring can be deceptive. While hosting the shop opening during Fahrradschau, it literally snowed in. “Lunta tupaan!” like we say in Finnish. March was cold and there was snow on the ground till April. We had like one single customer during the first month. Not exactly the start you would hope for. 

We hid the cash in a shoe box.

Luckily it warmed up, though, and the hard beginning softened into a reasonable project.

How we found ourselves in Berlin in the first place is thanks to our friend Antti, who had moved to Berlin with his family. Antti had a studio with a small store space upstairs, just right for a popup store. So we decided to give it a shot. Anna operated the store while Brian Højmark took care of the mechanics. Due to bureaucracy, we didn’t manage to open a local bank account, so we resorted to the classic method and hid the cash in a shoebox.

Some fun moments were the neighborhood spring party we arranged together with the local companies down the street; Mykita, Joris, Our Berlin, Von Hey, Lala Berlin and I Heart Berlin. Good memories! 

Since Covid, the no-fly policy has kind of stuck with us, and we haven’t taken part in many events and fairs recently. But we are here and have now updated the website in German for your convenience. Should you have any questions, we might still answer in English, but we hope you find it useful to get the product information in German as well. Feel free to give us feedback if you notice any mistakes.