Silja Goes Cycling – The Beginning

We are welcoming a new member to our travelling collective – Silja Minkkinen. She’s about to go on her most challenging trip to date and make a documentary of it. Read her words below.

Silja Minkkinen – Pelago Saimaa

It was 2 weeks in at hot day in July, as I woke up in the middle of Denmarks countryside in a bed and breakfast place. It was still early, no one was awake as I took my cruiserboard and ran out. I cruised around the fields in sunshine, finally making my way to the ocean for a swim. I couldn’t help but wonder how Denmark had such good asphaltroads even in the countryside. The country is practically built for bicycling. I only had my board with me, but as I cruised through the fields I promised myself that if I didn’t get into a school, I would come bicycling to Denmark.

I was fortunate enough to get into the school, and superhappy about it, but also a bit disappointed as the thought of bicycling through Denmark would have to be put aside. I moved to a new city, school started, I was busy with work and forgot about the whole thing. That is, until my long relationship came to an end. In my gloominess I decided to do something for myself next summer and make the dream about bicycling in Denmark come true. But as my friends know, I’m a very ambitious person, and so I started wondering if I should do just Denmark, I mean, why not the whole Europe? So fuck it I thought, let’s go all the way to Mediterranean Sea. The small dream began to grow and I silently started making more accurate plans.

I had one major problem. I didn’t have a bike. I mean, if you want to go biking across Europe you better have a bike, and a good one preferably. As a student I also didn’t have money (surprise!) so I knew I had to work my way around it. I was already planning on making a documentary about my trip, so I thought I would try to get sponsors to support me on my way. And so I managed to get two major sponsors for the road: Partioaitta, which gave me travelgear, and most importantly Pelago, from whom I got my dear bike Saimaa (nowadays goes by the name Pepe-Erkki), repairkit, Brooks pannier bags and important lessons about cycling and fixing a bike.

Silja Pelago Saimaa

[two]Brooks SuffolkBrooks-Norfolk[/two]

As the departure approaches, so grows my excitement. I’m more eager to go than ever before. I want to get my mind off work, school and every stressful thought I’ve had in my head. For pushing my body to it’s limits, I will also challenge my mind. I want to see, feel and show others what happens when I “get to the bottom of things.” I hope I will learn a lot. Physically and mentally. I will document it for myself and for others to see. To make somekind of a difference maybe. To leave a memory or even a vague feeling in someone after they watch the documentary.

For the next two months I will bicycle through Europe, over 2500 kilometres. Stay tuned and follow me on my lifes most challenging trip.

– Silja

We hope you don’t go to the bottom of things and have fun throughout your whole trip.

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