Build-A-Pelago frame builder interview – Antti Grundstén

Build-A-Pelago is an invitational challenge to passionate bicycle framebuilders. The challenge is organized together by Pelago Bicycles and Finnish bicycle framebuilder collective Cromo. We will introduce all the competitors here on By The Way within this spring, showcasing the characteristics of each frame builder. We found it natural to start with Antti Grundstén, a 36-year-old graphic designer, art director and bicycle frame builder from Helsinki, who has been helping with the competition from the very beginning. We sat down with Antti and the here comes the result.

Constant learning is what excites Antti right now. Way to go!

When did you start building frames and why?I started in 2018 and I had dreamed about it years earlier. I started to build fixed gear bikes in the 2007 boom and been tinkering with them ever since. I guess the main reason to start building was just to prove myself that it could be done. First I went to community college workshop to learn some basics on metal working and later I attended Antti Konga’s weekend long course in his shop in Koirakivi.

What excites you right now?Constant learning, it’s very humbling to realise how little you know. I’m excited to try new manufacturing processes in this competition. 3D-printed wax for metal casting, cnc-machining are things that I’m looking into right now.

Nerding about manufacturing and aesthetics. We love nerds.

Biggest dream as a builder?My dreams are all circulating around nerding about manufacturing and aesthetics.

Biggest nightmare as a builder?A failing frame under someone I care about.

Your proudest moment?Those rare occasions when you get everything in aligned good enough with good enough joints.

Nice one, but old one. Antti will keep his Build-A-Pelago project hidden until the release.

What distinguishes you from other builders?I think I’m a bit more concerned about aesthetics over mechanical superiority.

Where will you be in five years?Hopefully still building for fun. Maybe working in bicycle business or related. 

That hoodie gets 10 points from the jury!

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