Pelago x Pure Waste

We’ve heard stories of companies burning their out of date overstock, wasting natural resources, fibres, energy, water. Clothes are cheap and treated like disposables. Fast moving fashion business is against common sense. Unethical, unsustainable.

Natural sustainable materials, sustainable energy in production, locality to minimise transport, durability and longevity, repairability, recyclability. These are some principles to reach out for. Who masters the new chain will prevail. The more good options there are, the easier it gets to shift the dream into reality.

We all know this, yet little we care. Still we buy the new, the fresh or whatever is easily available. We care more about the style or the price than what lies beyond the surface. And brands care more about making money than their impact on the ecosystem. All of this will change and the change is not driven by consumers, it’s driven by people. People of the companies and governments who make the goods and make the decisions.

Our principle at Pelago has been to create functional, durable and beautiful products that serve their purpose for long. Steel is durable material, and discarded steel is 90% recycled. What matters is what you make out of it. From the weight of steel used in a single car makes more than 100 bicycle frames. We use mulesing free wool and work with local suppliers.

These are only modest acts, but we want to contribute with a positive impact and we must find ways to do even more, to make those good decisions. By partnering with Pure Waste for the following simple items, we are taking even a closer look on how the yarn was made and how we carry our responsibility about the products we make on this planet.

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