Pelago x Makia – Fellowship 2019

Makia is a Helsinki-based clothing company creating subtle goods for the Nordic taste. In 2013 we did not just share close office spaces across the bay at Helsinki shipyards, we teamed up for a fellowship project. That resulted a video of a lonely bike looking for a rider. The project came around because the founders of both companies grew up skate- and snowboarding together during the 90’s. Those trips took us touring by raggedy vehicles from the Nordics to the Alps.

Maybe it’s living in the harsh Northern climate or the shared years in the harbour. But both brands have come to share a similar design philosophy respecting simple and functional goods that will last and take you through the everyday life.

This year, to celebrate our friendship, we took the classic Makia Raglan Jacket and printed a reflective emblem in the back. You will be able to order a matching Makia spec’d Pelago based on the Hanko Street model. The collection also includes a black on black organic cotton fellowship t-shirt and a tote bag.

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