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Showing 41–45 of 45 results

Pelago’s concise apparel line consists of casual pieces tailored from quality materials with subtle cycling specific technical features. Pelago Merino products are made from fine mulesing-free 100% merino wool that’s breathable and light, feeling comfortable in warmer weathers and indoors.

Beloved Pelago Merino Sweaters, Pelago Merino Beanies and other high quality merino wool products are made for cycling and active outdoor life. Pelago Merino Neckwarmer is a must-have-product if you are into winter cycling – Pelago Neckwarmer just like Pelago Merino Scarf, is a warm, breathable and good looking product for your daily rides even in the coldest of conditions.

Pelago Labourman Trousers and Pelago Labourman Shorts are cycling-friendly and practical for every situation. They dry quickly, have a comfortable fit and just the right amount of stretch. The cut is perfect for cycling and it works in other types of sports and even in the office. Pelago Cycling Caps are stylish 100% cotton caps for cycling, made in Italy. Use with helmet or without – Pelago Cycling Caps does it all. Pelago T-Shirts are made to last use and time and are just super comfortable 100% cotton shirts made in EU.

The better clothing you have while riding a bicycle, the more fun it is. All Pelago clothes are designed cycling in mind – we want to produce apparel that we ourselves want to wear and ride.