Pelago Bullmoose Handlebar


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A limited batch of Pelago Bullmoose handlebars now available as a component! Previously available only on our Silvo model and by popular demand we are debuting it as a standalone product. Allow us to share a bit of inspiration and history behind the design:

Bullmoose handlebars are a distinctive style of bicycle handlebars that were popular on early mountain bikes in the 1970s and 1980s. They are characterized by a single, continuous piece of tubing that rises from the stem to form a “moose antler” shape, where the name derives from.

The handlebar’s unique design allowed riders to have a more upright and commanding riding position, which was well-suited for navigating challenging terrain and contributed to the development of the mountain biking as a sport. The single-piece construction added strength and durability to the handlebar, which was crucial for off-road riding.

While Bullmoose handlebars are no longer commonly used in contemporary mountain biking, they hold a special place in the history of the sport and are seen as a symbol of its early days and the innovative spirit of mountain bike pioneers.

Pelago Bullmoose handlebar is a modern tribute to this classic profile. The idea was to take the trekking aspect a tad further and it works incredibly well in many riding environments bringing the spirit of discovery and fun to any trip.

Handlebar is made out of chrome plated steel.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


Width 740mm
Rise 25mm
Backsweep angle 20 degrees
”Stem length” 120mm
Material Chrome plated steel