You have SIXTY DAYS to return something unused for cash, and six months for credit. Understand that it's possible that we no longer carry the returned item, so it may be of little value to us to get it back. And in any case, we've long spent the profit.

That said, we try to be reasonable, but ask that you not put us in the position of having to either take a loss on something or come off like uncaring people. We will always take the loss.Thanks.


If it's defective we'll take it back anytime.
But some things can wear out, or can break without being defective.


If you don't like the ring of a $12 bell after a day or a month...well, it's $12, and it is a bell, and the pitch of the tone may not twangle your ears exactly as you wish it would, but it's only a bell and it's only $12. (Note: We like the ring of all of our bells, and mention this only because it has happened.)

Not covered here? Please give us a call at to discuss any returns or exchanges.