Spring events

Feb 9, 2015 9:52:13 AM

The spring season is at our doorstep and we're presenting our new bicycle models and products in several exhibitions and smaller events around Europe in the coming months. The list will get updated as we go, but here's a few dates and locations we've locked in.

The London Bike Show (Feb 12th to 15th).

GoExpo Helsinki (March 6th to 8th)

Berliner Fahrradschau (March 20th to 22nd)

Helsinki Pelago Store Event  (April 12th)

Turku Store Event at Velotema (April 12th)

Tallinn Simple Sessions (April 18th to 19th)

Stockholm Store Event at Gamla Stan Cykel (April 25th)

Copenhagen Store Event (April 25th)

Spin London (May 8th to 10th)

Oslo Store Event at Dapper (May 16th)


Come and meet us if you're around!

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Bikes of the month

Feb 4, 2015 4:44:05 PM

Pelago Brooklyn is a popular timeless bicycle with an upright riding position. Suitable for short to mid range distances for relaxed riding throughout the year. Available as coaster brake and hand brake version. Three different gear configurations. Great collection of add-ons and accessories. 

Brooklyn can be equipped with studded tires. Fenders, reflectors, lights make the bike safe and comfortable to ride.


Pelago Stavanger is an advanced bicycle for versatile use. It's a chameleon of bicycles that can be built for variety of types: fast commuting, randonneuring, full-loaded touring or cyclocross and road racing. The high-quality components and generous tire clearances allow it to be used around the year in any weather and road type. It's an ideal companion for a demanding rider.

Stavanger serves through the winter — disc brakes, mud guards, fork clearance to take winter tires.

Works for commuting and running your daily errands. Eyelets and mounting points for carriers, fenders, drinking bottles. Naturally suitable for light weight touring, but also seen on the road accross Siberia and China.


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Design from Finland recognition

Nov 19, 2014 3:53:32 PM


Pelago Bicycles have been awarded Design from Finland recognition by the Design from Finland Committee and the Association for Finnish Work.

The recognition can be awarded to a product group, a product or a service that is designed in Finland and that the investment in design creates value and uniqueness in the product or service.

We are proud of the recognition and will continue to improve our products' design and functionality - to be able to keep up with the reasons for awarding.

Pelagolle on myönnetty Design from Finland -tunnustuspalkinto ansiokkaasta suomalaisesta muotoilusta. Palkinto on tänä vuonna jaettu kahdelle yritykselle, joista toinen on Helsingin Energia.

Suomalaisen Työn Liiton jakama Design from Finland -tunnustus myönnetään tuoteryhmälle, tuotteelle tai palvelulle, joka on muotoiltu tai suunniteltu Suomessa ja voidaan osoittaa, että muotoiluun on investoitu ja sen tuloksena tuotteen tai palvelun tuottama lisäarvo sekä erottautumiskyky ovat kasvaneet.

Olemme ylpeitä saamastamme palkinnosta ja jatkamme panostuksia sekä pyöriemme muotoiluun että tekniseen toteutukseen, jotta voisimme jatkossakin olla tunnustuksen arvoisia.





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