Free shipping until end of August

Jun 19, 2014 9:32:50 AM

Free shipping July

To celebrate the midsummer we offer free shipping to all bicycle orders to EU countries. Also all orders over 100 € to Finland are delivered free.

The free shipping offer is valid until end of August (31th of August 2014) and applies to all orders purchased through our webstore.

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Keskikesän kunniaksi tarjoamme ilmaisen toimituksen kaikkiin Suomesta tilattuihin yli 100 euron ostoksiin. Tarjous koskee sekä polkupyöriä että tarvikkeita. Sen lisäksi tarjoamme ilmaisen toimituksen kaikkiin EU-maihin toimitettuihin polkupyörätilauksiin.

Ilmainen toimitus on voimassa elokuun loppuun (31.8.2014) asti ja koskee kaikkia nettikaupassa tehtyjä ostoksia.

Täältä voit tutustua pyöriimme ja tarvikkeisiin.

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Racks and baskets

Jun 4, 2014 10:35:57 AM


We would like to introduce you new Pelago racks and baskets. They are designed for our bicycle models, but should fit all bikes that have necessary mounting points.

The baskets come in two sizes, medium and large. Large model is a bit wider and has slightly larger capacity, but medium sized model (above in the picture) is taller. Both baskets are made of stainless steel, which makes them very sturdy. They are mounted to a bicycle head tube and at the bottom they attach to front droupouts, so they are supported for a bigger load.

We also have two new rear rack models. Racks for Bristol and Brooklyn come in frame colours, and are easy to install afterwards if you've already purchased a new bicycle.

Pelago Commuter Rack is meant to be used with all our other models from Capri to Stavanger. It comes in silver and black colours and has lowered side rails for pannier attachment.

Both rack models are made of lightweight aluminium. For non-Pelago bicycles we especially recommend the Pelago Commuter Rack.

Pelago Stainless Basket Large, € 69,00
Pelago Stainless Basket Medium, € 69,00
Pelago Bristol Rack, € 45,00
Pelago Brooklyn Rack, € 45,00
Pelago Commuter Rack, € 59,00 

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Pelago gift cards

May 2, 2014 1:58:22 PM


If you're having a hard time thinking what to give to somebody as a gift, take a look at our gift cards from the webstore. We offer gift cards for a certain amount of value, but also for a complete bicycle.

When purchasing a gift card for a bicycle, you don't need to specify a size or a color for the bike. Those attributes are chosen when the gift card is used for the actual bike purchase.

Gift cards come either as a traditional paper card, but they can also be given as an e-voucher to our webstore. For an e-voucher, please contact us by mail before purchase at


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