Stavanger 2014

Mar 7, 2014 11:10:52 AM

Stavanger has been the flagship model in our range for the last few years, and it's journey from the first complete bike in 2010 has come a massive step forward to the current 2014 model.

This year we have sharpened the focus of our models, and when the new Hanko replaces the old Stavanger 365 we've avoided overlapping and offer just one Stavanger model. It's brought with new features and serves the purpose even better.

Stavanger's basic concept remains in a very versatile sportive bike. It's efficient in many uses from fast commuting to amateur road racing to touring and randonneuring. We've seen Stavanger in various competitions including Tour de Helsinki and cyclocross races, and this year one Stavanger is leaving on a tour across the world.


The frame construction has gone through some changes, and comes now TIG welded instead of lugged. This way the frame weight is recuded but most importantly TIG welding has brought a possibility to tweak the geometry suitable also for very tall and very small riders or teenagers. There's also some component upgrades in wheels and tyres, but standard components remain in high-quality Shimano 105 drivetrain and powelful Avid BB-7 disc brakes. In addition, fenders are now included in stock model.

Prices start from € 1795,00 and delivery of new models begins in April. Please see full specifications here.

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New for 2014

Feb 12, 2014 4:35:09 PM

This year we are bringing you three new models and improving the previous models in the Pelago bicycle range. The first new ones presented right here are called Airisto and Hanko.

Airisto and Hanko are technically advanced city and trekking bicycles. They are almost identical of their components: both have disc brakes, nine speed transmission and a new Pelago Parisien handlebar. Airisto is a mixte type bicycle and Hanko is a reworked version of our obsolent Stavanger 365 model. Both bicycles are designed for versatile all-year weather conditions. 


Airisto is Pelago's solution to a contemporary hybrid bicycle for women, a genre that has gained a lot of demand in the recent years. It comes in three sizes and two colours. The bicycle can be equipped with a large selection of accessories and thanks to the step-through frame it's practical for all family members when the child's seat is mounted. You can introduce yourself to Airisto here.

Prices start from € 1295,00 and delivery begins in April.

Hanko is very contemporary version of the standard city bicycle. The frame geometry is especially designed for upright riding. Hanko comes in silver sand-ish colour and is available in multiple sizes. Please see a full description of the bike here.

Prices start from € 1295,00. Deliveries begin in April.

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Pelago Sibbo 2014

Feb 6, 2014 3:34:41 PM

The fastest bike in the Pelago range, Sibbo is a versatile road bicycle. It's built with lightweight double butted Columbus Thron tubing and features a compact frame geometry that makes it an excellent choice for various riding styles and environments. Feel free to take it from the pavement to a muddy cross track.

Sibbo is equipped with competetive parts from top to bottom. It's available as a complete bicycle, but we offer custom options and the bare frameset if you wish. Standard paint is ruby red. Custom colours are available on request.

Prices for a complete bike start from € 2395,00. Additional information and full specs are available here. 



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