Coming from the Northern perspective, it's obvious that we need bicycles that serve the purpose in all riding conditions. We wanted a versatile and strong but agile bicycle that fulfills the needs of urban transport, and we designed the Pelago Hanko.

Since the season has turned into windy autumn and first snow has landed, Hanko shows it's true nature. During the year, we've seen quite a few different set-ups and small customizations of the bike, and want to show what you can get out of it.


Perhaps the most visible feature is the possibility to use wider winter tyres. Hanko can be equipped with 35mm Schwalbe Winter tyres without taking off the fenders, and even wider tires fit after removing the fenders. If you don't need spiked tires, your options will multiply with the selection of 29er and cyclocross tires.


Many people use Hanko as a commuter, and it's frame geometry is designed especially for racks and bags. With the Pelago Commuter Rack you'll easily carry side panniers, and for bigger loads a Porteur Rack makes you happy.

Disc brakes are a standard feature, and with the 9-speed transmission with a wide variety of gears you will not be let down in any environment. 

We now offer the Hanko for a special price of € 1095,00. The offer is valid until the end of 2014 or while stocks last.

We've also gathered some suggestions about add-on's for Hanko to help you choose:



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Free lights to bicycle orders

23.10.2014 11.56.32

For the darker season we offer free Spanninga front and rear lights to all new bicycle orders. The campaign is valid until the end of December (31st) or while product is in stock.

When purchasing a bicycle from our webstore, simply place the bicycle model to shopping cart and from the following screen of suggested add-ons add the frame lock and both Trendo and Pixeo lights to cart. The shopping cart automatically reduces the price of the products from your order.


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Tarjouksia flow-festivaaleilla

5.8.2014 11.27.23

Tarjoamme elokuun ajan 10 prosentin alennuksen pyörätilauksesta Flow-festivaalien kävijöille. Alennuksen saa Kalevankadun myymälästä festivaalilippua näyttämällä. Alennus ei koske lisävarusteita.


Flow-festivaaleilla 8.-10.8. voi myös jättää pyöränsä huoltoon festivaalialueen pyöräparkkiin. Huoltoa tarjoaa Mechanic All Star eli Pelago, Pyörien Pyörä ja Rengasmies. Huolto on auki perjantaina klo 16-21, lauantaina ja sunnuntaina klo 14-21. Katso lisätietoja ja hinnasto tapahtuman facebook-sivulta ja tuo pyöräsi huoltoon!


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